$108,000 for a wedding in Singapore? Here’s the cost breakdown.

You just got engaged? Congratulations! After the whirlwind of excitement settles, try not to get too overwhelmed thinking about your wedding budget.

Take charge and make sure you have a clear idea of your wedding budget to get the most out of your big day. First step: research on the cost of weddings in Singapore. From big costs such as wedding venue to smaller items like favours or decorations, they all mount up to a huge number. Like anything in Singapore, weddings are quite expensive. If you’re planning your own wedding, it’s important to know some of the wedding costs that are common in Singapore.

Taking up a bridal package is most likely the preferred way for couples to manage their wedding. It is convenient as you get to rent your gowns and suits, settle your pre-wedding shoot, make-up etc. all in a single package. Generally, packages from bridal studios are more affordable than trying to go a la carte. The cost varies depending on a few factors – number of gowns, premium or regular gowns, pre-wedding shoot locations (local or overseas), and number of photos in your wedding album.

Assuming that the proposal with an engagement ring is already over, you will still need to look for wedding bands. They can easily set you back about $1,000 to $3,000 for each ring, depending on the material, and if you’d like any special engravings.

Most families regardless of race or religion adhere to the traditions of giving gifts to their in-laws and the bride and groom. Usually, they can be in the form cash gifts or jewellery, and the cost varies from $2,000 to $5,000.

In Singapore, most couples hold their solemnisation before their actual wedding to be able to collect their BTO (Built-To-Order) HDB flats. This is certainly an extra cost to you. Thankfully, most solemnisation ceremonies are a little more casual than the actual wedding day celebrations. You can either hold it at a simple venue or at registry itself for a minimal fee of $1,000 to cover expenses for venue hire and catering. If you feel like splurging, you can hold your solemnisation at a grander venue with an elaborate menu at about $5,000.

The wedding banquet is no doubt where the main bulk of your wedding costs will go to. Banquet prices have been on the rise with fancy venues, customisation and premium menus. The average cost is about $100 to $234 per person, and if we assume that most couples hire a venue that can hold at least 30 tables of 10 people, then the minimum cost of a wedding banquet is about $30,000.

Let’s see the breakdown for the costs of banquet dinner at the various venues for 2018.

*Prices are subjected to change.

Your pre-wedding shoot might be included within your bridal package but your wedding photography and videography carry separate costs. Usually, actual day photographers usually charge by certain number of hours so depending on your choice of photographer and videographer, the cost can vary from around $2,500 to about $5,000.

After almost a year (if not, more) of planning, you’d definitely want to go on a honeymoon even if it’s just for a short break. Most couples are quite likely to take a 2-week holiday to somewhere exotic, so be prepared for the cost to come up to about $5,000 to $8,000.

There you have it! The total cost of a wedding can range from $46,500 to $108,000. Do keep in mind that this calculation does not include the money received from your guests as wedding gifts – it’s best to not assume as you can’t guarantee the amount you’ll receive.

Spending on wedding is an unavoidable cost for people who want to start this important chapter in their lives. If you start saving early and stick to your savings goals, it is possible to have your dream wedding and enough to start a life together as man and wife.


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