BTO x KPMG: Rewiring financial planning

Rewire, not retire. 

It is becoming obvious that the most creative technological change is happening in the financial services ecosystem today. Fintech start-ups are leading with customer-friendly solutions developed from scratch. Customers have had a taste of what technological advancements can bring through other industries, and are now demanding better services, seamless experiences and more value for their money.

Rewire, not retire.

As customers’ tastes and preferences change, it’s time to retire retirement and embrace rewirement. Rewirement is a concept replete with energy, excitement, growth and many new possibilities. We need to rewire ourselves to not become obsolete and prepare for the inevitable changes in life, and learn to adapt to a new world of technology.

The concept of rewirement and the technological changes in the financial industry demand the need for a financial planning solution that can enable users to effectively plan ahead and see the financial implications of their ‘rewirement’.

In comes Aardviser.

The whole financial industry has recognised the need for a new generation of financial planning solutions which brings institutions and clients closer. BetterTradeOff (BTO), a technology company reinventing financial planning to be accessible and relevant, has created “Aardviser” – a solution to meet this exact need.

Aardviser blends intuitive functionality with accuracy, and is designed for advisers to easily match a client’s life situations with relevant financial products. Recognising that every person’s life is uniquely complex, Aardviser captures every detail of it: salary, expenses, education costs, job progression, retirement, wedding, properties, investments, and insurance into a digital collaborative space where financial advisers and their clients can comprehensively plan towards making dreams become reality.

Within a month of launching Aardviser, BTO has had 21 prospects lined up in 3 different countries. The positive feedback from people and institutions in the industry has motivated BTO to take the next step towards gaining more recognition and traction in the market.

KPMG Partnership

Partnerships play a significant role in identifying and meeting business needs of a rapidly evolving world. BTO has signed an exclusive collaboration with KPMG Digital Village in Singapore, a collaborative ecosystem that looks at driving the adoption and integration of innovative solutions.

By combining forces with KPMG Digital Village, a leading player in the fintech ecosystem in Singapore, BTO is looking forward to being better positioned to have targeted access to the key players in the financial industry and beyond. This collaboration provides BTO the global reach that it needs through the KPMG Digital Village network.

Jan Reinmueller, Head of KPMG Digital Village, said: “BTO’s team of senior professionals have strong experience in financial services, technology and marketing, and a product proposition that is unmatched in Asia. This gives us an exciting edge to develop market-ready solutions for our clients, and I look forward to the rewirement of the financial services industry through KPMG Digital Village’s partnership with BTO.”

Robert Lonsdorfer, Founder and CEO of Bettertradeoff, said: “KPMG Digital Village has been a precursor in Asia bridging the gap between financial institution incumbents and the booming start-up ecosystem. The professional support received by the KPMG’s team is of utmost importance for the development of our company. We are confident that this partnership will pave the road for success.”


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