The Problem

People have dreams

Financial planning is too complex

Advisers have objectives

The lack of client’s trust is the main obstacle

And so, we created a life-planning solution that meets the needs of both advisers and their customers


How It Works

We do everything we can for you to not only delight your customers but to completely own the customer experience – all in one collaborative space

Digital Onboarding
Dreams Simulator
Hazard Simulator
Investment Simulator
Financial Summary
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Build holistic financial planning with your client

Offer a holistic financial planning approach to your clients, covering all the major topics such as local tax & pension rules. Empower them to build their own life plan.


Boost your efficiency & productivity

Work smarter with our powerful analytics, decision assistance & insight-driven reporting. Digitally onboard customers in less than 5 minutes & prepare a digital KYC in no time.


Customisation & security

Make it your own with our flexible, modular, white-label solution. Feel secure as our platform is encrypted with banking-grade security & all communication is 256-bit SSL encapsulated between all end-points.


Increase revenue & sales with in-context recommendation

Manage new & existing clients with our built-in CRM. Boost sales by showing direct relevance in a client’s life with tailor-fit solutions. Enjoy regular trainings regarding best sales practices.

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